Turn your burial at sea into a family outing.
Scattering the ashes of your loves or you pets on the Seaspray.

We are the proud owners and operators of the Sea spray, a Coast Guard inspected Vessel

-Heated Cabin, Operating all year round-

With its beautiful waters just offshore, New York is a beautiful location for scattering the ashes of your loved ones at sea.

Scattering the ashes at sea is a unique way to honor a loved one’s life. You may be wondering if this type of burial is the right choice for you, and the following information will help you make an informed decision. Here at Eternal Peace Sea Burials, we can help you scatter he ashes of loved ones. Our Coast Guard inspected vessel floats low to the water, making it easier to release the ashes.

Consider our sea burial service for a peaceful and meaningful final resting place. We offer the option of having a priest present to perform religious rites and prayers. Let us help you create a respectful tribute to your loved one.

Coast guard inspected vessel

Why Choose Us?

At Eternal Peace Sea Burials we advise you to select the location far from bathing areas and buildings. You may also want to choose a location that is away from marinas. With the help from Master Captain Scott Schafer, captain of the Seaspray, as well as Sea Burial Director Maria Brusalis, they will provide you with the necessary steps to follow through this moment. We also offer the option of having a priest available for your memorial.

Other Eternal Peace Sea Burial Offers

Specializing in scattering the ashes of your pet abord the Seaspray.

Offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks etc. Catering services available. 

Moments Captured On The Seaspray

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Call us at 631-668-5800 for pricing.