Honor Your Loved Ones With A Dignified Burial At Sea Ceremony

Our Team For Burial At Sea Follows EPA Regulations

Burial at sea is becoming popular among families. In comparison to traditional burials, this ceremony is more peaceful for your loved ones.

Trust our team of Eternal Peace Sea Burials in Nassau County, NY, to help you get through this challenging time by providing sincere and respectful sea burials for your loved ones. 

Scattering ashes at sea is a great way to pay tribute to your loved ones. We follow all EPA regulations by traveling no less than three nautical miles off the coast. Under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA), the EPA has issued a general permit authorizing the burial of human remains at sea.

According to EPA regulations:

  • No plastic materials can be used.
  • Caskets should be drilled to allow them to sink quickly.
  • Additional weight can be added to ensure that the casket falls.
  • Stainless steel chains should be wrapped around the casket to keep the remains at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Cremated remains that aren’t scattered should be placed in a biodegradable container so that they can break down relatively quickly in the water.

Requirements Before Performing Offshore Burial Ceremony

The process of arranging an ocean funeral for a loved one who has passed away is strictly regulated. Completing the process by yourself is extremely difficult. To avoid headaches, hire our professional burial at sea services. Following are the primary requirements for scattering ashes at the sea ceremony.

a) Death Certificate

To obtain a death certificate, you must first register your loved one’s death with the registry office.

b) Notice Format

This application can be obtained from the registry office. This notice will allow you to move your loved one’s body so that the funeral at sea can take place.

c) Certificate Issued By Doctor

According to environmental regulations, the body you want to bury at sea must be free of all infections. Therefore, you must obtain a certificate of freedom from fever and infection from the doctor who was treating the deceased person.


Our professional burial at sea services team at Eternal Peace Sea Burials can handle all of the above requirements and permits, giving you peace of mind. 


Our sea burial team can assist with flowers. Ashes will be scattered in the water or placed in a biodegradable urn. As we spread the ashes, your loved ones can share memories, poems, and songs. Call us today to customize your sea burial ceremony.

Ashes and flowers

Moments Captured On The Seaspray

How Burial At Sea Is A Better Choice To Remember Your Loved Ones?

We believe that for the grieving family the ocean is ideal for the soul of the loved ones to rest in peace. You have to release ashes from an urn into the sea.

Sea burial is less expensive than a traditional burial. Burying a loved one at sea is good for the environment. When you bury someone on land, you contribute to more pollution and soil contamination. Another reason people choose sea burial is that it’s permitted in all major religions. The deceased’s body can be buried in the depths of the sea.

Why Should You Choose Us?


We fulfill your family's expectations by completing the paperwork with State Officials.

Fulfilling Deceased Family Wishes

We strictly adhere to the final wishes of the mourning family members.

Respectful Staff

Our staff help families to reunite with their relatives, and the ashes are secured in an urn of their family's choice. We also provide private burials at sea service. You can even plan a funeral at sea that includes multiple stops. Call us today to find out more about our services.