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Burial At Sea


When a loved one passes away, families and friends look for unique places to inter or scatter the deceased’s ashes. The ocean is the ideal location in some people’s eyes. Families and friends can say goodbye to deceased loved ones by interring the body or scattering the ashes at sea, thanks to companies like Eternal Peace Sea Burials that offer burial at sea services.

Sea Burial: What Is It? 


Human remains have long been disposed of in the water through the tradition of marine burial. In the past, only people who worked for or resigned from the navy were eligible for at-sea burials. A ship or boat is used to help in the maritime funeral to release the mortal remains. 


Cremains may be scattered into the water from a ship or buried in a casket or urn during an ocean burial ceremony.

Why Opt For A Burial At Sea? 


One of the most environmentally responsible ways to dispose of a dead is widely thought to be a full body burial at sea. A body will naturally disintegrate on its own when thrown into the water under a decomposable burial shroud and may even serve as food for marine life. 


Due to these factors, those who believe that after death, the body should serve some function and contribute to the natural cycle of life may find a sea burial appealing.


Whether you decide to scatter ashes into the ocean or organize a full-body burial at sea, it will take a lot of planning. The entire process will be made less painful by using a professional burial service. Visit Eternal Peace Sea Burials to talk about your specific needs and see how we might assist you.


There are various reasons why individuals decide on a sea burial as a unique way to honor the life of a loved one who has passed away. Is this the best decision for your family and you? If you want to honor the deceased’s life by arranging a sea burial, let us help you. Contact us at Eternal Peace Sea Burials in Nassau County, NY.


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