Your beloved pet will become one with the sea.

An Offshore Pet Burial Ceremony

In lieu of the traditional urn, there are several options available for pet sea burials. Some pet owners choose to keep the ashes in an urn while others prefer to scatter them in the ocean. While this option isn't for every pet, it does offer a unique option that isn't widely available. Listed below are some of the options available. Choosing the right option for your pet can help you choose the best way to remember your beloved pet.

Why Choose A Sea Burial For Your Pet?

Once the cremation process is completed, the cremation ashes are received and placed in cremation urns. While a full-body pet sea burial is a unique way to honor your loved one, a scattering of cremated remains at sea is a much more affordable option. This option is also more environmentally friendly than a traditional urn, as the ashes don’t need to remain on the ocean floor. It’s also much easier to transport and more affordable. You can also choose the method that is best for you. A burial at sea can be a difficult task. While there are several companies that handle the process, the costs are often more than scattering cremated remains. After all, preparing the body and transporting it to the burial location will require a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, it will be well worth it in the long run. Your beloved pet will be forever remembered. Here at Eternal Peace, allow US to make the transition of life a moment to remember.


Moments Captured On The Seaspray

Why Choose Us?

At Eternal Peace Sea Burials we advise you to select the location far from bathing areas and buildings. You may also want to choose a location that is away from marinas. With the help from Master Captain Scott Schafer as well as Sea Burial Director Maria Brusalis, they will provide you with the necessary steps to follow through this moment.