Allow your beloved to find eternal peace with the the sea

Unattended sea burial provides a serene and peaceful setting for a private farewell.

At Eternal Peace Sea Burials, we provide unattended sea burials as a dignified and affordable alternative to traditional funerals. Our unattended sea burials offer a private and simple way to say goodbye to your loved one. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of care and respect for your loved one, ensuring that the ashes are scattered in a designated area of the ocean.

Eternal Peace Sea Burials

An Offshore Unattended Burial Ceremony

The act of saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but for some, an unattended sea burial can offer a private and simple farewell. This option involves scattering the cremated remains of the deceased at sea in a respectful and solemn manner, without a ceremony or gathering of family and friends.

In recent years, scattering ashes at sea has become a popular way to pay final respects and release the spirit of a loved one. Many notable figures, such as John F. Kennedy Jr., Robin Williams, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, and Neil Armstrong, have chosen to have their ashes scattered at sea.

It’s important to note that EPA regulations require that ashes buried at sea be buried at least three nautical miles from land. While scattering ashes at sea is less strict than burying a full body at sea, a funeral director may still be required to perform a cremation burial at sea. At Eternal Peace Sea Burials, we will take care of all the arrangements for you, so you can focus on remembering your loved one in your own way.

Why Choose A Sea Burial For Your Loved Ones?

A sea burial can also provide a unique way to remember your loved one. The scattering of ashes at sea can be personalized to suit your needs and preferences, with options to choose the location, time, and method of scattering. This allows you to create a special and memorable experience that honors your loved one’s unique personality and life. Additionally, a sea burial can be more cost-effective compared to traditional burial methods. It eliminates the need for a burial plot, headstone, and other associated costs, making it a more affordable option for many families.

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Moments Captured On The Seaspray

Why Choose Us?

At Eternal Peace Sea Burials we advise you to select the location far from bathing areas and buildings. You may also want to choose a location that is away from marinas. With the help from Master Captain Scott Schafer as well as Sea Burial Director Maria Brusalis, they will provide you with the necessary steps to follow through this moment.